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Core web vitals are a set of measurements that help predict user experience of a website's performance. These are generally concerned with metrics that the user might perceive as bad behavior from the page, including inability to interact with page elements and jumpiness or slow loading.

The specific metrics are most notable because Google created the term[1] and claims[2] they are considered (with a focus on mobile) as part of pages' search ranking process.


While the primary concern around Core Web Vitals for many site owners is search ranking, the measurements themselves are formalizations by Google of fairly generally used tests by web developers who look to make their sites more responsive to users, especially those sites that may have more extensive in-page interactivity. They are also useful for understanding the impact of modern development frameworks which often have specific clean impacts on these metrics when not properly configured.

Measurement tools

Tools for measuring Core Web Vitals include:


Core Web Vitals are defined and maintained by Google, either directly through tools they maintain or indirectly via pressure created by their search dominance. Google has proven to have the capacity and interest to alter Core Web Vitals precise measurement process or whole measures.

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