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Google IO 2013 was Google's 2013 developer conference which discussed a few things at least tangentially related to the indieweb, such as their Google+ silo, and image & video formats.

Etherpad Notes

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Attendees / Notetakers:

  • Tantek Γ‡elik - - @t
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Chrome talk in Keynote

  • WebP pushed as alternative to JPG (smaller) and has animation support to (GIFa)
  • H.264 vs. VP9 (~1/3 the size)
  • ...
  • ...

Google+ Platform Overview

Motivation to add +1 button:

  • Google search results show who +1'd a post u


  • ...

Related updates since

  • The the +1 button motivation given is now (as of 2014? 2015?) obsolete as Google search results no longer show +1'd a post.

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