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Inrupt is a startup working on Solid that has been highly criticized for its non-diverse hiring while asking for unpaid diverse contributors to the Solid open source project that it builds upon.


Unrepresentative of web

Inrupt appears to exclusively have male employees: With a couple of white women contractors. Unrepresentative of users of the web.


  • As of MozFest, they appear to have one woman employee. (citation forthcoming)

Requested volunteer diversity

Context: in discussion of lack of diversity of Inrupt paid employees and contractors, requested diverse (unpaid) volunteers. From "Solid ecosystem and its developer experience" employee:
Screenshot of a tweet requesting a tweet saying:"go over to the Solid project, they need some diversity"

(the screenshotted tweet seems to have been deleted, please add internet archive URL)

(This is the closest I can find.)

World Domination Inappropriate In 2018 Global Context


“The intent is world domination,” Berners-Lee says with a wry smile. The British-born scientist is known for his dry sense of humor. But in this case, he is not joking.

In the global socio-political context of 2018 with nationalism (various countries) and fascism (Brazil 2018 election) on the rise, referencing "world domination" (whether jokingly or not) is inappropriate and does a disservice to / is insensitive to the under-privileged populations being actively harmed by worldwide political domination movements.

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