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MathJax is a JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all browsers. It uses CSS with web fonts or SVG, instead of bitmap images or Flash, so equations scale with surrounding text at all zoom levels.

One can use MathML, TeX, and ASCIImath as input and produce HTML+CSS, SVG, or MathML as output. It also works with screenreaders & provides expression zoom and interactive exploration. One can also copy equations into Office, LaTeX, wikis, and other software.

IndieWeb Examples

Kartik Prabhu

Kartik Prabhu using Bundle has custom post scripts for certain articles which are stored as javascript files with the same filename as the slug of the article.

  • Oldest example from (2013-01-06): [1] imported from original Blogger post [2].
  • Example of math rendering using MathJax is [3]

Alex Kearney

kongaloosh uses MathJax on her research website to display mathematics and equations.


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