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Nominatim (UI, documentation) is a piece of open source software and a hosted instance based on OpenStreetMap data for geocoding and reverse geocoding, for example deriving coordinates from a physical address or vice versa.

It is a useful service for implementing location-aware applications.

IndieWeb Examples

IndieWebCamp Attendees using Nominatim:

How to derive microformats2 data from Nominatim responses

Given response data from Nominatim:

  • let adr be the value of the address key in data
  • derive the following microformats2 h-adr/h-geo/h-card properties from adr:
    • street-address from adr.road or null
    • extended-address from adr.suburb or null
    • locality from adr.hamlet or adr.village or or or null
    • country-name from or null
    • postal-code from adr.postcode or null
    • country-code from adr.country_code or null
    • if adr.country_code is 'us':
      • derive region from adr.state or adr.county
      • otherwise: derive region from adr.county or adr.state

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