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Periscope is a live streaming video silo service and app that was purchased by Twitter on 2015-03-13.

Originally videos published to the platform disappeared 24 hours after they were posted. In May 2016 it became possible to save videos to the platform longer than the 24 hour period.


  • Chris Aldrich as a "citizen journalist" covered a wild fire near his home. Not having broader distribution set up on his own site yet for live streaming video, he used the live streaming function within Twitter via Periscope to do a quick recap and provide video. After leaving the scene, he used Snagscope to scrape the .mp4 video out of Periscope to save a private back up copy to his own website. He's currently using the embedded Periscope version in the original post, but if the service should disappear, he can replace the embed with a copy of the original.

Saving Video

According to the Twitter Help page, recording directly within Twitter:

Your live videos will automatically be posted as a Tweet each time you go live. Additionally, you can save your live video right to your device’s camera roll at the end of your live video by tapping Save to camera roll. If you would like to upload and share your video at a later time, read how to share and watch videos on Twitter.


  • Scopedown allows one to input a periscope url and download a .ts file which requires a codec, but can be played with MX Player or VLC Player on a PC.
  • Snagscope is an app that allows one to save Periscope videos. Documentation here.

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