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h-review is the microformats2 vocabulary for marking up review posts on web sites.


h-review is the simplest way to markup a review so that it has a chance of being consumed by readers, aggregators, etc.

Using h-review

How to consume h-review

Use a microformats2 parser as you do for posts in general.

You may treat an h-review similar to a comment, however, you should at least be ready to handle an empty comment/summary/content field, and look for (and handle) at least the optional fields of:

  • rating
  • tags

IndieWeb Examples


See and add to review: IndieWeb Examples instead of here.


  • Breakfast and Coffee accepts h-review documents via webmention. Upon sending a h-review to Breakfast and Coffee, the wiki will add your review to the aggregate review page that relates to the place you are reviewing. If no aggregate review exists, a new page will be created and the provided h-review will be at the top of the Review section in the new aggregate page.

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