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Spreadly was a social sharing service / silo that seems like it kept content at permalinks (unverifiable due to site down) and shared optionally to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Buzz as well as provide analytics and recommendation tools.

  • site was: spreadly.com (Down as of 2014-10-01. Last archive.org snapshot 2014-04)
  • posts were at: my.spread.ly (Down as of 2014-10-01)
  • videos about were at: www.spreadly.tv (Server not found as of 2014-10-01)
  • short domain was: sprd.to (Expired as of 2014-10-01) - lots of tweets with sprd.to links
  • documentation is up: http://dev.spreadly.com/

Most recent relevant Twitter references appear to be from 2014-04-04 (e.g. [1]).

IndieWeb Support

Spreadly had some IndieWeb friendly support.

It sent in-reply-to and like webmentions with authorship markup when people shared a link. Example(s):

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