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Stack Overflow is a question and answer silo, one of many Stack Exchange sites, specifically for programmers, with no IndieWeb-related examples yet, however some brainstorming about POSSE/backfeeding, and at least one community member with a profile.

IndieWeb Examples

Ryan Barrett has POSSEd and PESOSed questions and answers to Stack Overflow and some of its sister sites. Examples:

Aaron Parecki has posted at least one answer (somewhat recently, 2020) directly to Stack Overflow:

Stack Exchange

(can create a separate page for Stack Exchange if there’s sufficient direct IndieWeb-relevance to do so, examples, uses, etc.)

Stack Exchange ( is a collection of question and answer sites including and based on Stack Overflow, listed here in subsections until they have sufficient direct IndieWeb-relevance to create separate pages.

Server Fault

(can create a separate page for Server Fault if there’s sufficient direct IndieWeb-relevance to do so, examples, uses, etc.)

Server Fault is a question and answer site for system and network administrators.



It’s theoretically possible to POSSE posts of at least two kinds to Stack Overflow:

However it’s not clear anyone has done this yet.


Similarly, if you POSSE a question post, you could backfeed replies to that back to your own site.


Not trustworthy (needs citation expansion)

Stack Overflow, Inc. has decreed a near-total prohibition on moderating Al-generated content in the wake of a flood of such content being posted to and subsequently removed from the Stack Exchange network, tacitly allowing the proliferation of incorrect information ("hallucinations") and unfettered plagiarism on the Stack Exchange network. This poses a major threat to the integrity and trustworthiness of the platform and its content.

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    • "Stack Overflow announced that they are partnering with OpenAI, so I tried to delete my highest-rated answers.Stack Overflow does not let you delete questions that have accepted answers and many upvotes because it would remove knowledge from the community.So instead I changed my highest-rated answers to a protest message.Within an hour mods had changed the questions back and suspended my account for 7 days." @ben May 6, 2024
  • ** ^ Made a deal with OpenAI to train on user-submitted content. Bans user for attempting to remove their content in protest.