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Typed was a blogging silo that raised $99,882 in 2015 by crowdfunding from 879 backers on indiegogo. It was built in Brighton, UK by RealMacSoftware, better known for their web-publishing application RapidWeaver.

The developers promised to selfdogfood and that:

"Weโ€™re in this for the long haul, and will be publishing our own blogs with Typed."

The service went into beta around May 2015, subsequently had a public launch around September 2015, was still being developed in 2016 (and still lacked some long-requested features), and was eventually shuttered by October 2017. The swag (stickers, t-shirts, and limited edition t-shirts) for backers was never delivered. Throughout its short lifespan communication from RealMacSoftware was somewhat limited, and the six-month silence and lack of any updates before the service was shuttered did not endear RealMacSoftware to its indiegogo backers who were already considering it dead.

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