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A girl who doesn't know if she's real or merely a vestige of a past long gone.

Chat Nickname: vikanezrimaya

Contact: Matrix

Hello. I'm Vika. This is my wiki page. I don't really know what to write here.


Kittybox is a blazing-fast all-in-one website management platform. It's written in Rust and supports a lot of IndieWeb features (or at least will support once I manage to write those features).

  • Basic MF2 markup: works, template system is used to generate HTML
  • Micropub: Full support, including media endpoint uploads
    • Implementing extensions is planned, but not on the roadmap yet
  • IndieAuth: Needs improvements
    • In-house authentication and login page
    • WebAuthn planned, but hard to do due to the state of the ecosystem
    • Password used in the interim
  • Webmentions: Partially implemented
    • Saving webmentions works
      • Updates the Micropub source with webmentions, archiving them in process for display
      • Original links will be preserved so that I can use Salmention
    • Deleting webmentions untested, probably doesn't work
    • Rendering webmentions isn't done yet
  • Microsub: WIP
    • Haven't started working on it yet


Itches, confirmed plans and other things for Kittybox are tracked on the Kittybox issue tracker.

Concepts and ideas

  • Make a calendar from an h-feed of h-events (posted directly or reposted on a reply with RSVP)
  • Media endpoint that doubles as a private gallery
    • Media endpoint should keep track of uploaded blobs
    • Blobs should be presented in the UI in reverse-chronological order
    • Danbooru-like tagging of media blobs for quick filtering and retrieval
      • Geographic tagging (extracted from EXIF data or added manually)
      • Categories (manually assigned - don't have resources for using ML nor am excited about ML in general)
      • alt-text management (post creation could automatically suggest inserting pre-configured alt-text into u-photo)
    • Auto-upload photos from phone's Camera Roll via companion app
  • Food and recipe collection
    • Kittybox's backend doesn't really care what gets stuffed inside it, as long as it's proper MF2-JSON
    • The frontend needs to be updated to gain support for rendering recipes
    • ?q=food support in Micropub to quickly reference food items when creating posts
    • A recipe book on the website
    • Interactive measurement adjustments (double all measures, convert metric to inferior Imperial units)