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A trans-person and a clueless amateur coder. Doesn't like her look and uses an anime-styled avatar instead.

Chat Nickname: vikanezrimaya

Elsewhere:  @kisik21

Contact: E-Mail with PGP (from Keybase)

Hello. I'm Vika. This is my wiki page. I don't really know what to write here.


My CMS is Kittybox - a blazing-fast IndieWeb suite that's a work in progress. Currently the basic features work, supplemented by some hosted services.

  • IndieAuth: WIP
    • Would be independent from a website
    • Will support multiple websites (a-la
    • Will have several authentication methods
      • Password
      • WebAuthn (YubiKey)
      • Notification to a supported phone (maybe)
  • Webmentions: WIP
    • Will update the Micropub source with webmentions, archiving them in process for display
    • The frontend will be responsible for rendering everything
    • Original links will be preserved so that I can use Salmention
  • Microsub: Aperture (for now)


Working on

  •  ?q=food in Micropub
    • shows a list of food in h-food format (done)
    • Perfect for creating a food diary
    • Filtering by date and post types (or creating a separate feed) allows to count caloric intake (if nutritional values are specified)

Not working on yet

  • Aperture instance saves only last 7 days of posts (maybe implement my own Microsub server?)
  • No comment form for people without IndieWeb-enabled sites (use for providing pseudonymous/anonymous identities, but beware of spam)
  • No PuSH support (pyindieblog-micropub pinged switchboard in the old version, I need to reimplement that!)
  • Search - may be done differently:
    • Server-side search (may be faster, but harder to implement, may require database support or building a separate index)
    • Reuse lunr.js from static site and build index dynamically (requires JS and still some server-side work - publish an index of posts)
    • Indexing may be taken care of by a separate service, same as feed processing
  • Implement salmention
    • Client-side support is already there in Blogblaze, but there's no webmention endpoint to accept salmentions
    • Also does Kittybox send webmentions on updates? it should do that according to the spec
  • Make Webmentions static
    • Webmention endpoint should update Micropub content on each webmention
    • Possibility of conflicts while editing
      • Can be solved with locks on MF2 objects in the database
      • Or just by making all edits atomic


  • Micropub is slow
  • Almost nobody reads me (syndication supported to various services via Webmention and potentially bridgy)
  • Check-in support
    • Kittybox's Micropub component stores arbitrary MF2-JSON blobs
    • Renderer component takes posts and renders every property it knows about
    • currently it renders check-ins too
    • Form-encoded posts may be a problem; they need to be special-cased sometimes
  • the name "pyindieblog" is too technical and isn't cute enough - so it's Kittybox

Plans and possibilities

  • Make a calendar from an h-feed of h-events (posted directly or reposted on a reply with RSVP)
  • Make a private gallery from a media endpoint