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Saphire Lattice


Pronouns: she/her, shi/hir

Lurking dragon thing searching for shiny things to poke and dissect figure out!

Chat Nickname: Saphire

Elsewhere: Twitter

Hello! My name is Saphire (though I also sometimes go by Luna).

I mostly try to figure out what to work on, occasionally actually getting around to doing the things in question. Wishing to one day launch a blog, but struggling to find something to write about...

A typical development process for me involves mixing some kind of "primitive" thing or framework, but mostly making sure to keep to the basics of the tools chosen. This has been slowly pushing me towards higher level languages, as well as those that provide easy way to use "third party" libraries, as opposed to languages that make it more difficult to use libraries and prebuilt tools than to copy or reimplement them yourself.

Not against JavaScript, and while it's interesting to try and do something without... It's also quite a bit easier to do some things with a nice framework like Vue (hashtag not-an-ad, it's just comfy to use). Which you'll see quite a bit in my projects that are for more personal use.

P.S. Also yes I am very much a furry ^^
P.P.S. Also, it's one letter P in my name, unlike the namesake-ish gem


Not exactly a complete list, there's the list on my site. But, active, and of some relevance to IndieWeb specifically...

  • Lapis - IndieAuth server for private use
  • Monolith - a self-hosted reimplementation of a sync server for a note taking software
  • Various piecemeal userstyles for making sites I visit look nicely in my personal view. Though they might conflict with the intent of the site's designer or owner...
    • Of note, a userstyle for enhancing Twitter experience, making it feel less "boxed in" at least visually. Does not do much about it being a rather manipulative silo.
  • My own site, of course, with varying degree of success
  • Also of my own site, a little "horrifying" hacked together "endpoint" for Mastodon/"fediverse" of ActivityPub passive profile presence. It's a set of content definitions and static JSON files that make it look like there's some kind of a profile present on the site!
  • quest-reader - Not sure of the relevance, but it's an archiving tool for a quest forum site! Made for ease of reading through 13 separate site pages, on a mobile friendly generated page. Uses C#, templated with ASP.NET Razor

Random mostly related ideas that I wanted or want to make one day, and a bit of a personal "todo" list (this should be in a note system, shouldn't it...):

  • Eventually, some kind of CMS for my main site, primarily the blog. And finding (or developing) a templating system for it in general. Provisional name: "Capsule"
  • A passive scrapper addon for your browser to archive and keep track of fanfiction read on various sites for those, and tagging them to a better standard than the host itself. Perhaps even providing you with a parsed out version in a unified format in some kind of internal archive list page. Sites of note: FF.N, AO3, SB and SV forums, RoyalRoad
  • Some kind of invoice building application that can take some or a few time tracker formats and allow you to arrange the raw entries into a more presentable invoice line entry. Plus generating the invoice itself in a pretty way. Using LaTeX? Will have to see the security caveats of rendering it on a server
  • Microblogging ticker on my site, perhaps look either into ActivityPub, or... Microsub? Micropub? Some other thing?
    • Twitter's "atproto" is... an absolutely silly if not actively detrimental, but could be fun to implement as a tertiary thing
  • Personal server for Mastodon/"fediverse", though the implementation details of the protocol are rather overwhelming to even start. Provisional name: "Manor"
  • Deployment system for the varying projects. Using a ready one could be an option, but unsure yet of what is required and such
  • Link shortening and image hosting personal service of some kind... Perhaps even general file host and a pastebin? No name yet?
  • For the site: Figure out the list of "must have" microformats to pull together and implement


I maybe, maaaaybe have way too many of them! Though a list of them might be a bit too self-indulgent?