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kitty is an in-development backend for developed by Rosalina Saige. kitty is somewhat inspired by p3k.


  • Support for discovering webmention endpoints and sending webmentions.
  • Custom templating language that's lightly based on Nunjucks and compiles into Luau bytecode.
  • Built in activity composer view with live markdown preview.
    Composer view
  • Support for notes and posts
  • Receives webmentions using through webhooks and can manually update locally stored webmentions using the API.
  • Options to syndicate notes to Bridgy Fed and posts to Bridgy Fed and IndieNews.
  • Shows Nintendo Switch games from nxapi.


Albums can be created with 3 different privacy levels (private, unlisted, and public) and 4 location privacy levels (full location, city, region, no location). Images uploaded have their dimensions saved and are queued for further processing (extracting location metadata and changing it for the publicly served image files). Weather data for the date and time of each image is fetched from Vaisala Xweather along with radar shown on the map.