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Brandon Hall


A Christian and philosopher that studies economics. Sacramento, CA.

Elsewhere:  @PoeticStupid ,

Hello, my website is a personal wiki where I write down and improve upon my thoughts and projects, which are often related to statistics, economics, philosophy, or other general life things like skateboarding. I produce it by using TiddlyWiki to create and link pages together and generate a static site.

Site Structure / Philosophy

I try to/want to use the main pages of the website as "canonical pages," pages that I refine over time with more definitive statements about their respective topics. In short: they change and improve (hopefully).

Less importantly, I write what are pretty much blog posts ("Journal entries"), which barely change once they've been published. They contain whatever I'm thinking about regarding a specific topic at a specific time and link the post back to the canonical page for the topic it's about. Each canonical page also includes links to all the Journal entries that have been posted about it.


  • Setup to receive webmentions
  • Setup to auto-send webmentions via my Journals feed
  • Add h-entry to each page, along with other encodings