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TiddlyWiki is a responsive website platform built as a single file in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While intended as a non-linear notebook / commonplace book / wiki all of its versions and flavors are built as a website that can be served from a variety of locations.

There are two types of TiddlyWiki: "Classic" and TW5 or TiddlyWiki version 5.

Use it to keep your to-do list, to plan an essay or novel, or to organise your wedding. Record every thought that crosses your brain, or build a flexible and responsive website.

Unlike conventional online services, TiddlyWiki lets you choose where to keep your data, guaranteeing that in the decades to come you will still be able to use the notes you take today. —TiddlyWiki website

IndieWeb Examples

  • Brandon Hall uses a custom workflow (detailed here on YouTube) to turn his local TiddlyWiki install into a static site website.
    • Note: He uses a clever template for providing an RSS feed, but this could also be used to present an h-feed as well.

Other examples


The service has a variety of plugins including:

  • TiddlyMap - a mind-map plugin that shows visualizations for Tiddlers.


Because the platform is fairly modular and created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript it shouldn't be too difficult to add the following IndieWeb friendly pieces:

  • Microformats v2 classes including an h-card
  • Incoming Webmention support can be easily added with Webmention.io, but could potentially be implemented via a JavaScript plugin. There are existing JavaScript set ups for potentially showing webmentions on particular Tiddlers.
  • IndieAuth ??
  • Micropub ??

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