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For IndieWebCamps we have started creating landing/registration pages at dedicated yearly subdomains. This started in 2016, since offline but still available on GitHub.

These pages have also featured a way to sign-up to the events without relying on Indie RSVP. Meaning we are lowering the bar for registering. Currently the ticketing system of choice is

If you are organising an IndieWebCamp in 2019, it is recommended you do the following:

Getting on

For any of the following steps, do not hesitate to contact other organisers. A number of them can often be found inside the meta discussion channel.

Create a landing page

This is done by opening a PR to indieweb/ on GitHub with the following:

  1. A folder of your city name containing only a .gitignore file inside the data folder.
  2. A copy of the previous held camp’s PHP file inside the public directory, renamed to your city name with the details inside updated:
    • There are a few variables on top for setting the city name and the dates.
    • There is a <tito-widget> custom HTML element that needs to be set to the correct URL. We follow the naming scheme city-year. Read on for information about setting up Tito.
    • Towards the end there is a <script> tag generating a map view. This needs to be updated with your venue’s address and coordinates.
  3. A copy of the previous held camp’s folder inside the templates directory, renamed to your city name. This then lets you update:
    • The sponsors, in sponsors.php.
    • The schedule, which should match the schedule on the wiki page, in schedule.php.
    • The landing page’s top navigation, in nav.php. If you aren’t adding or removing any page sections, this can be kept unchanged.

Take a look at the PR for Berlin as a possible example.

Create a event

To create a event you will need to be added to the IndieWeb team. Contact one of the other organisers in the meta discussion channel to be added, or have them setup the event for you.

An event is created by doing the following:

  1. Duplicate an existing event to have a boiler plate. This is done by picking an event, going to Customize, and pressing Duplicate this event. You will end up with a duplicate, with Copy appended to the name.
  2. Make sure you are on the newly created duplicate and go to Customize. Under Basics change the title to follow the format “IndieWebCamp City Year”; update the Event Start Date, Event End Date, and General location; and tweak the Event URL to match the format “city-year”.
  3. Check Tickets to make sure only tickets your event will be using are enabled. Some events will have different price levels, or use tickets so people can contribute to the IndieWeb.
    • Usual tickets are Regular (for a small fee), Indie RSVP (for free, for people who have sent an rsvp), and Support the IndieWeb (for people who want to add to the price).
    • You can make an unlimited amount of tickets available and limit the amount of participants by limiting the capacity on activities.