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This software and page is older (2014). It should be reviewed to verify if it still works

WebmebtionDressing is an open source program by ĎÚβĨŐÚŚ Dod to load Webmentions with javascript and display them in an iframe.

There is a demo that lets you view Webmentions of a specific page on this wiki (for example this page). The code can also be configured to show Webmentions of any other site using webmention.io.

It can work on static sites (it's javascript) but not with javascript-disabled browers (for the same reason ;) ).

How To

Embedding for sites using webmention.io

Edit SITE_ROOTS and DEMO_PATH at the top of script.js (as explained in the README).

You can then include an iframe with your own copy of WebmentionDressing (configured as explained above), and supply the current page's path as the URL's hash (e.g. #WebmentionDressing for this page or #2014/Online for 2014/Online).


To change the design (it doesn't have to be Bootstrap), edit the mustache templates at the bottom of index.html [1]. Of course, if you don't want it to be Bootstrap you'll also need to redesign the rest of the HTML :)

This was the original intention of WebmentionDressing: to create an easy platform for designers to try out various ideas of comment presentation.

Interactive theming

An earlier version of the template exists as a codepen. This enables real-time tweaking of templates. Remember to click "fork" before you begin so that you can save your changes :). You can either login to codepen via github, or simply save an "anonymous fork" (if you don't intend to maintain it later).

Contributions are welcome

If you fork something nice (codepen, gist, or your own site), please let us know (e.g. post about it and webmention this page :)


  • The global 4:20 clock embeds WebmentionDressing.
    • 2022-09-21: no longer appears to be using it

Acceptance :)

  • nice! thanks!! [2]
  • thedod, you could always add a page. [3]

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