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An apprentice, in the context of the indieweb, was an IndieWebCamp participant who had not yet setup a personal domain with IndieAuth (which was historically a prerequisite for RSVPing to an IndieWebCamp event) but was passionate about owning their identity & data on the web and dedicated to doing so; this concept has not been in use at IndieWebCamp events since 2014.

The remainder of the page is left for historical purposes.

Are You An Apprentice

Are you an apprentice?

  • Perhaps you don't have a personal site.
  • Perhaps you're a creator, but only for other people, and don't actively create things for your own site.
  • Maybe you're really excited about the IndieWeb and want to join it as soon as you can!

You can still be an apprentice to a creator.

If you're not a creator, but want to be, or want to create and contribute to the indieweb but don't know where to start, team up with a creator to attend the next IndieWebCamp.

In the meantime, be sure to get setup with your own personal identity so you can contribute to the wiki, and start learning what you can do to add your personal site to the indie web.

Lastly, consider attending a Homebrew Website Club meetup, which are open to anyone who is passionate about owning and creating their own identity and data on the web. No technical skill required. You'll likely meet some creators at the meetup and maybe even get help Getting Started.

For Creators

Creators may choose to take on an apprentice. If the apprentice is attending an IndieWebCamp, the creator is responsible for the apprentice.

Creators should take on at most one apprentice per IndieWebCamp.

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