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A creator in the context of the IndieWeb is someone who owns their domain, uses it as their primary identity on the web, creates (for example, code, design, user experience) for their site, and openly shares at least some of those creations.


Main article: indieweb

The IndieWeb is about owning your domain and using it as your primary identity.

  • You can have more than one such personal domain.
  • You could use your own domain for purely a professional identity facet, preferring to keep anything personal off the internet/web. That's totally fine.


Being a creator means you must do one or more of:

  • Code. Create or contribute to IndieWeb open source projects
  • Design. Create or contribute to IndieWeb designs, graphic, layout, adaptive or otherwise.
  • User experience. Create wireframes or other IndieWeb user interface flows

As an IndieWeb creator, you develop an instinct of making things to scratch itches, rather than (or at least in addition to), talking about them.



As an IndieWeb creator, you must be using the things you create (code, design, user experience) on your personal site as an active participant of the IndieWeb. If it's not good enough for you, as part of your online identity, then it's not good enough for the IndieWeb.


Lastly, one of the goals of IndieWebCamp is to empower each other and interoperability among our sites, encouraging re-use of code, design, user experience and thus:

You must share at least some part of what you create.

You don't have to share the entirety of what you create or even most of it.

Just find some part of it that it at least minimally useful, and that you're OK with sharing.

It's OK to start small, even just a function or two, or some graphics files, or user experience flow diagrams, or even just wiki design descriptions, for example, URL designs, and slowly add to it over time.

The point is to take something that is powering or has empowered your IndieWeb site, that you work on, develop, improve, create, and share it with others, in the hopes that it will help empower and improve their IndieWeb sites.


As a creator, you're encouraged to sign-up to and participate in IndieWebCamps, to meet other creators, collaborate on improving each others sites, and growing the IndieWeb.

See upcoming IndieWebCamp events.

You are encouraged to bring an apprentice to IndieWebCamp, to help them get their own domain and setup their identity and content on their own site.

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