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An area-tag is a special kind of tag that tags a specific area or region of a post which can be used to tag a photo post with person-tags at specific locations/areas where each person appears in the photo.


Use area tags to indicate who is who or what is what in a photo.

How to

TBD. See #Brainstorming


All examples are contextually inside an h-entry.

area tag with note

Area tag with a note:

<area class="p-category" shape="rect" coords="..."
      alt="tag here"/>

person tag as area tag

person-tag as an area-tag:

<area class="u-category h-card" shape="rect" coords="..." 
      alt="Ben Roberts" href=""/>

Ben Werdmüller wondered if you could tag people in photos by linking to their profiles using HTML imagemaps (!) and marking up the imagemap links with microformats. That might look something like:

Tantek, Aaron and Amber!

<map name="peeps">

<area shape="circle" coords="124,58,8" class="u-category h-card" href="" alt="Tantek Çelik">

<area shape="rect" coords="0,0,82,126" class="u-category h-card" href="" alt="Aaron Parecki">

<area shape="circle" coords="90,58,3" class="u-category h-card" href="" alt="Amber Case">


However, because the HTML syntax of imagemaps sits outside the actual image tag, it may be worth adding a microformat to the map itself.

area tag reply

Area tags can be placed inside a tag-reply to tag some other post with area-specific tags, including person-tagging people at specific points/areas in someone else's photo post.

The reply-context for an area tag reply to a photo post for example should include the entire photo that is being area-tagged, so that the area element can overlay the portion of the photo. And a person area tag reply could actually display a name/link of the person tag, on top of the person in the photo, and even do hover effects triggered by point proximity or a rectangle overlaid on the person in the photo.

Potential Bridgy Publish feature request:

Once someone has implemented publishing an area tag reply on their own site, in particular, a person area tag reply to both an original post and e.g. a Facebook or Flickr POSSE copy of it (or at least a person photo tag of a silo photo post), it would be beneficial for Bridgy Publish to support POSSEing that tagging to the silo POSSE copy:

  • Bridgy Publish to POSSE a copy of your "photo tag reply post" to a silo that has the photo (perhaps POSSE copy thereof), where Bridgy could do the photo-tagging for you on the silo as your reply post specifies to do.

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