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An autoembed is an embedding of media, typically of an image or video, that was automatically added from a URL to that media, to provide immediate viewing and or direct interaction with that media.

IndieWeb Examples


Tantek Çelik posts plain text notes on which autoembed direct links to images (GIF JPG PNG) since at least 2010-06-14, videos (MOV MP4), and video permalinks (YouTube since at least 2010-07-14, Vimeo since at least 2011-01-04) with the CASSIS auto_link function.

... many more ...

Feel free to add your site if you also support posting of notes with autolinking, and note since when.

Open Source

See CASSIS auto_link function for a fairly good (and selfdogfooded) open source autoembed implementation for PHP&JS.

Silo Examples

Some silos autoembed image/video URLs (e.g. Facebook), some autoembed from links to pages about images/videos, though likely using link-preview technology (Twitter).

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