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countdown is (AKA timer) is like an event post, often inside a story like on Instagram, that has an end datetime, displays the number of days hours minutes seconds remaining, sometimes allowing viewers of the post to “Remind me” when the countdown finishes and receive a push notification accordingly; an IndieWeb countdown post could remind the author via push notification or potentially any reader who opts-in via Webmention.


There are many use-cases for countdown posts on your own site:

  • start the countdown on one device (laptop) and receive a push notification on another (smart watch), perhaps later when walking around and you’re away from the keyboard / your laptop.
  • countdown post for a live video that others may want to be reminded of.
  • (semi-)automatic countdown post for any event or RSVP post to remind of you that the event is starting
    • option: reminder 10min before the countdown completes / event starts.

IndieWeb Examples

No known IndieWeb examples yet.

Other Examples

  • Chat example: Loqi will respond to a text-based expression of the form "(number) (time unit) until name-or-label-for-countdown" with a confirmation with countdown ID, allow canceling that countdown by ID, and upon finishing without cancellation, announce the name-or-label-for-countdown in chat.

Silo Examples

  • Instagram’s story posts can have a countdown with datetime and label that followers can ask to be reminded of and subsequently receive a push notification


prototype as special event

Tantek Çelik brainstorm: prototype a countdown post as a special kind of virtual event post where anyone can RSVP, and if they RSVP 'yes', then automatically reply to their RSVP with a text reply like "Countdown (label) finished!" and then leave it up to the recipients site to decide whether to turn that received webmention into a push notification or not.

notify before completion

  • Options: opt-in to receiving push notifications when the countdown finishes, or perhaps 5 or 10 minute before as well.

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