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create event is the act of and UI for creating a new event post, in its simplest form a new event permalink.

IndieWeb Examples


Quill has an event creation UI that will post an event to your own Micropub endpoint.

Typing in the location field searches Google Maps for venues.

After a location is chosen, the timezone of the event start/end times is updated based on the location.

Open Source Examples


Calagator's event creation UI asks for basic information about the event, and will auto-create the venue if it is not already listed in the database.

Silo Examples


Noticeably absent from Facebook's primary create UI is anything to do with creating events (the kind you invite people to).

Event creation UI is only present contextually, when viewing your events or your calendar.

  • ->

    [ + Create Event ] [ โœ๏ธ ]

    buttons (the pencil button is for "Manage" - not sure what that means
  • ->

    [ + Create ]

    button in the left column

Clicking "+Create [Event]" presents a dialog to enter event details:

After the initial event has been created, the edit event UI does include an option to select an existing photo. Read more on edit#Facebook_Events.

Event public/private options:

  • Private Event with "Guests can invite friends" (default)
  • Private Event - only hosts can invite friends
  • Public Event - anyone can view it, even without being logged in


  • "Upload Photo" makes little sense since people typically upload numerous photos to Facebook already - it should let you choose from your (recent) photos rather than having to upload another!
  • "[x] Guests can invite friends" should have another option:
    • "[x] Guests can invite mutual friends"
  • gRegor Morrill: As of 2017-01-11, when I clicked the "Duplicate Event" button on one of my past, public events, the UI populated with all of the event's information, but defaulted to "Create private event." I did not notice that until after I had published the event. Private events cannot be switched to public, so I had to delete the event and restart.
    • On the second attempt, when I switched the toggle to "Create Public Event," it removed the event photo.
    • Additionally, when I changed the event start date, the start time field switched back one hour automatically.

Duplicate Event

(this could be moved to a separate duplicate event page since it's accessed differently from normal event creation, and has quite different behaviors and side-effects, like inviting everyone that was invited to previous event that is being duplicated - Tantek ร‡elik)

Facebook has a feature to duplicate a previous event to partially automate creating a new event.

Clicking "Duplicate Event" pops up the event creation UI with all of the information copied from the existing event.

FB Something went wrong

Sometimes when you click the [Create] button as pictured above, Facebook inexplicably fails with message:

Something went wrong, please try again later. [OK]

It's unclear what to do next.

2017-09-03 happened again (clicking either [Save Draft] or [Create] causes this error)

FB Warning Slow Down

(this may also be worth a separate page as it is not specific to event creation, and has other issues with it. - Tantek ร‡elik)

If you get the above "something went wrong" error, dismiss it, and try again several times, you may eventually see an even more ominous error:

Warning: Please Slow Down

It looks like youโ€™re using this feature in a way it wasnโ€™t meant to be used. Please slow down, or you could be blocked from using it.

[ Cancel ] [ Confirm ]

FB Went Wrong But Created Event

Apparently sometimes when Facebook claims "Something Went Wrong" the event was still created, and thus if you keep trying to create it, it will create actual duplicates, until it gets fed up with you and gives you a Warning Slow Down message.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar has the ability to create an event from brief plain text like expressions like "Dinner tomorrow night" โ€” need a citation / documentation of actual plain text expressions supported by Google Calendar.

(needs screenshot)

Happening Net has a UI for creating photos:

Screenshot of's event creation UI with several form fields, name, description, private vs public toggle, start time and optional end time, location, and a button to Publish

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