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Custom post script is the practice of adding interactivity to individual posts differently from the rest of the site interactivity using custom scripts.


There are at least a few reasons why you may want to support custom post scripts.

  • special scripts for UI elements particular to a post.
  • special polyfill scripts to render content on a post. e.g. rendering math written in Latex to MathML or HTML+CSS.
  • ...

How to

No general recommended technique yet. Check examples and try similar approaches.

Indieweb Examples

Kartik Prabhu

Kartik Prabhu using Bundle has custom post scripts for certain articles which are stored as javascript files with the same filename as the slug of the article.

  • Oldest example from (2013-01-06): [1] imported from original Blogger post [2].
  • Example of math rendering using MathJax is [3]
  • ... add more examples here ...

Silo Examples


Blogger allows inserting <script> elements directly into the HTML of a post, which can be used as a hack for custom post scripts. E.g. [4]

  • ...add more examples here...

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