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deviantART is an art hosting silo that retains the rights to resell copyright of anything you post to it, without informing you, and has done so in the past; it was acquired by Wix in 2017.

The site was sold to Wix in February 2017, part of the deal was characterised by Wix as:

"Wix will open up DeviantArt’s repository of art and creative community to the Wix platform, giving Wix’s users access to that work to use in their own site building."

thus suggesting that user's own content will be sharecropped to promote Wix's internet presence tools.


Selling Your Work

An attendee of this talk shared her personal experience (video, time offset: 13:52), about how:

  • as an artist, she has had work stolen, having been on deviantART for a while
  • a business started printing her art on shirts
  • that had licensed it from deviantART
  • apparently was part of deviantART's TOS that they could do so with her art
    • Note that many (most?) silos (e.g. Medium) have similar TOS where they have the rights to sell your work without your permission or notification.


Does not allow you to export your data at all, before deactivation.

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