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The indieweb is different from previous efforts like blogging, federation, decentralization, etc.

Beyond Blogging and Decentralization

While the IndieWeb shares many of its principles with other efforts/communities, yet there are some key aspects that distinguish the IndieWeb from previous efforts.

  • Principles over project-centrism. There are many similar efforts that are based on a single (often open source) project. We believe a community developing a plurality of projects following a set of principles is more robust and produces better results than any such monoculture.
  • Make what you need. Use what you make. The best way to figure out what's most important, and actually build it, is to "scratch your own itch", by creating for and on your personal domain, then using it yourself for your personal needs (selfdogfood), and iterating.
  • Design and UX first, formats/protocols second. We focus on UX first, and then as we figure that out we re-use/subset/implement/iterate/develop the absolutely simplest most minimal formats & protocols necessary to support that UX.

Indie but not a company

The IndieWeb is certainly indie and strongly supports independence and independents.

The IndieWeb is a community and a commons, not a company.

The company "ind.ie" (with the ".") is pursuing "indie technology" and does re-use some indieweb principles, yet is distinct from the IndieWeb.

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