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dunking is in social media a particular (ab)use of quote posts, popularized using Twitter's quote tweet feature, to quote a post with a comment intended to at a minimum refute the quoted post, though often to also mock or otherwise denigrate, sometimes in an attempt to appear wittier and garner more reactions (likes and reposts).

Blocking Dunking

The target of a normal "dunking" on Twitter can stop future "dunks" from that dunker by blocking them. This has the additional effect of rendering their original tweet as "This tweet is unavailable" inside any existing "dunk tweets" from that dunker, thereby removing context and substantially reducing the apparent cleverness or appeal of the dunk.

As a workaround, dunkers switched to screenshot dunking.

Screenshot Dunking

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Screenshot dunking (AKA Screencap dunking) is variant of dunking where the dunker posts an image (screenshot) of the original post they mean to quote / dunk, thereby bypassing any mechanisms to block or otherwise prevent such dunking of (otherwise) public posts.

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