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An embedded Tweet is the display of a tweet on a website other than Twitter, though with a similar presentation, and typically some ability to interact with the tweet directly. .


Embedding a tweet provides a UX familiar to users of Twitter, and is less surprising for authors of tweets when they see their tweet on a site other than Twitter.

How to

See Twitter's instructions:

IndieWeb Examples

Ryan Barrett

Ryan Barrett uses embedded tweets to show them in reply-contexts since YYYY-MM-DD, e.g.:

  • (needs link to a snarfed.org reply to a tweet)

Silo Examples


Substack supports embedding tweets in posts by pasting in the tweet URL. Notably, the visual style for the embedded tweet does not rely on javascript being enabled.

From the How to use the Substack editor documentation:

To embed a tweet, Instagram photo; YouTube or Vimeo video; Spotify, SoundCloud, or Bandcamp audio track; or GitHub Gist, just paste the relevant link on a new line (don’t grab the embed code; it won’t work).

Javascript was disabled for this screenshot: screenshot of Substack documentation with an example of what an embedded tweet looks like

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