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Domain Camp 2019 is a series of online activities starting June 11, 2019, and continuing for four weeks, and is open to anyone who wants to learn more about what is possible with an internet domain and web-hosting package. It is hosted by Ontario Extend a part of eCampus Ontario.

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This summer we revive last year’s summer Domain Camp, a set of activities and support areas to help you learn what you can do inside the big cpanel of possibilities (that’s your domain dashboard).

Each week we will include an intro video, a set of activities to do inside your domain, open office hours, and community spaces to ask and answer questions. The latter here is really important, as a camper should know they have a circle of others to help them.

The format is simple--a weekly new page added to the site, an offer to drop in for open office hours, and a community space to connect. The hope was also to have people use the Reclaim Hosting Community Newbies Corner as a place to get help from each other (and they are so nice, you can join there even if you are not a client). This year we will also offer a channel in our Slack for campers.

The program is geared toward educators who are part of A Domain of One's Own programs utilizing Reclaim Hosting and their cpanel interface, but those with other hosting can certainly take advantage of the instruction and camaraderie.






All the camp activities (including those from prior years) can be found at:

Week 1

Week 2

  • Coming June 18, 2019


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