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Reclaim Hosting is a web hosting company focused on the education sector to provide educators and instutitions an easy way to offer their students domains and web hosting that they own and control.

Their tagline "Take Control of your Digital Identity" is a fundamental restatement of IndieWeb philosophy.

The company grew out of the A Domain of One's Own project at University of Mary Washington and is headed by early IndieWeb proponents Jim Groom and Tim Owens.


Among many standard offerings, they provide domain registration, web hosting, and one click installation of many popular CMS projects including Known, WordPress, Drupal, Omeka, and MediaWiki.

Domains Conferences

They sponsor occasional conferences (eg: Domains '17) aimed at academia focused around independent and open source tools for education and the A Domain of One's Own. Past topics have included:

  • The Web as Portfolio
  • Digital Identity
  • Online Scholarly Presence
  • A Digital Humanities Toolkit
  • A discussion on how one administers a Domain of One’s Own project in their community.
  • Getting to Know cPanel
  • What Works?
  • What Doesn’t?
  • Personal API
  • Exploration of the future of domain projects and how we can continue to build tools for the community.
  • Teaching on the Open Web
  • Starting a Domains Project on Your Campus
  • Supporting a Domains Project on Your Campus

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