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Known Open Collective Monthly Meeting


Join us for the monthly meeting of the Known Open Collective
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Just show up, and feel free to RSVP by adding yourself below:

In general:

The 2nd monthly meeting of the Known Open Collective. Come learn and contribute. Want to get started with Known? Stop by and we will be happy to help.


  • Known Chat archives 2019-08-04
  • With only three members present we decided to hold the meeting in IRC.
  • Marcus noted that updates can now be installed with Composer
    • Known is getting closer to being an optional blog engine that can work with any front end.
    • Need to work with plugin developers and encourage them to update
  • Marcus shared the need to get more technical contributors involved.
    • Said moving around core is daunting
    • Thought maybe about doing a walkthrough video...but time.
    • Greg McVerry suggested maybe some good first bug labels on issues
    • Interest in Moodle community with OAuth and SSO improvements, good source of PHP developers
    • Many PHP Developers are not happy with WordPress direction and may want a new project
  • Jeremy Cherfas brought up the HTML sanitization and micropub problems
    • Greg McVerry noted it is more in the status/note updates
    • Marcus said that is legacy design from Twitter integration and we should maybe remove and not design for Twitter. Let individual users be responsible for knowing how post syndicate to silos.
  • Greg McVerry is applying for a college readiness grant to prepare first generation college students for online learning. Will use Known and include money for development.

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