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Kyle Mahan (was ran Woodwind and and contributed to Bridgy and Known.


  • Reply chains in Woodwind
  • Offload image hosting to another server. Thinking about S3 for and imgix for woodwind.
    • Benchmark how many images woodwind is serving right now.
  • custom slugs on -- on higher importance/visibility posts, I'd like the option to edit the auto-generated slug (e.g. "rsvp-indieweb-summit-2016").
  • preserve timezones on reply contexts and received comments rather than converting everything to P[SD]T

On Hold

  • Write a plugin to show better reply contexts in Known
  • Plugin installer & updater for Known
  • Recognize mentions that are actually person tags in Known



I archived a bunch of my older itches here. Like a Netflix queue, over time, they'd become a big list of things that I empirically don't want to work on :)


Tools I work on or use and can comment semi-intelligently on.