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marked safe is a notification feature that tells you when those you follow have marked themselves as safe in an area affected by a disaster or other physical emergency within a geographical area.

Silo Examples


Facebook has supported "marked safe" as a notification and as an opt-in feature for those wanting to mark themselves as safe since 2013?

2016-07-14 Screenshot of notification from the "globe icon" drop down list:

Text notification example from an actual notification seen 2015-11-13

[image of person1] Person1, Person2 and 4 others were
marked safe during DisasterEventName.
TMKWNNYEc1S.png 29 minutes ago


  • "Person 1" is the most recent person that has marked themselves safe, "Person 2" is the second most recent, etc.
  • "4 others" is the summary of however many other people you follow were marked safe
  • "29 minutes ago" is the time since the most recent person has marked themselves safe.
  • DisasterEventName is the name given to the disaster (apparently) by Facebook.

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