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rel=canonical is a way to indicate that a hyperlink links to the original and canonical version of the current page.

Compare rel=canonical with rel=alternate.


You should use rel=canonical to reduce, minimize, and ideally eliminate any duplicate search results for your pages, i.e. you should canonicalize the following variants of your homepage and permalinks:

  • with ?utm_* params -> without
  • http -> https

How to

Put a link rel=canonical in the head of your homepage and permalinks pages, e.g.:

<link rel=canonical href="" />

IndieWeb Examples


Tantek ร‡elik has had rel=canonical support for a while from his homepage and permalinks to their plain versions without any "?" query, and for the permalinks with the explicit URL slug. On 2019-272 he added support for http: pages to link rel-canonical explicitly to the https version of the URL so that Google Search and other search engines would prefer the https versions and avoid duplicate indexing of permalinks.

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