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A reply chain (AKA reply thread) is a list of replies, and replies to those replies, displayed under the original post.

Indieweb Examples

Ashton McAllan

  • 2015-05-?? began re-sending webmentions for a post when it receives a comment.

Kyle Mahan

  • 2015-06-09 supporting downstream comments
    • Red Wind re-sends webmentions for a post when it receives a comment.
    • also parses "p-comment" on incoming replies and interprets them as downstream replies (they look just like first-order replies in my UI).

Ben Roberts

Chris Aldrich


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How to markup a reply chain:

  • ... still under study ... feel free to add suggestions ...

Receiving downstream comments

On 2015-02-19, Ashton McAllan proposed a mechanism for propagating a reply-to-a-reply upstream, back to the original post[1].

The mechanism works like this:

  1. Aaron writes a note
  2. Barnaby replies to the note and sends a webmention to Aaron
  3. Aaron parses the reply, and adds it as a comment on his note
  4. Crystal replies to Barnaby's reply, sends a webmention to Barnaby
  5. Barnaby parses Crystal's reply, adds it as a comment on his reply
  6. Since Barnaby's post is itself a reply, he in turn sends a webmention to Aaron's original post, letting him know the reply has updated.
  7. Aaron checks Barnaby's reply for updates as usual, and sees that Barnaby's reply now has a comment
  8. Aaron parses the comment and interprets it as a 2nd level comment on the original post.

Silo Examples


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Debiki 2D threaded comments

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