From IndieWeb is a set of vocabularies created by a group at Google, in some cases based on existing vocabularies like microformats hCard, and in others re-inventing vocabularies instead of re-using specs like Atom or RSS, then co-launched in 2011 with fellow search-engine Microsoft Bing, and their search licensee Yahoo, still run by them and additional search engine Yandex.


Overdesigned nonsense vocabularies

Due to its hierarchical class structure and attempt to be too many things to too many requests (not actual use-cases) contains a number of very strange and useless vocabulary properties.

One that is often brought up as an example of this is the fact that a "Volcano" object has a "faxNumber" property, which is sufficiently obviously nonsensical that it serves as a good illustration of the methodological flaws in’s design, and is the reason for the emojicon πŸŒ‹πŸ“  at the top of the page.


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