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social standards refers to web standards that have a social component, that is, for people (e.g. h-card), relationships between people (e.g. XFN), content published by people meant to be read (e.g. h-entry) & replied to such (e.g. rel-in-reply-to), and notifications thereof (e.g. webmention).


Mark up instances and references to people using the h-card microformat.


In addition, mark up a person's personal web site URL and hyperlink with rel-me as a step towards Web sign-in/IndieAuth support.


Markup links to people from pages about other people using XFN rel values.


Markup content written by people using h-entry, including marking up the author with p-author and h-card.


Replies should themselves also be marked up with h-entry, with u-in-reply-to property hyperlinking to the original post that is being commented on, and send a Webmention to that original accordingly.

Other Responses

See responses for how to markup other kinds of social responses such as likes, reposts, etc.


When publishing a response, implementations should also send a webmention to the original post.

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