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testimonial is a statement of support for the IndieWeb, perhaps building blocks, tools, services, and/or especially the IndieWeb community.

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I find personal websites interesting. I came to the IndieWeb community because I saw many people who were chatting about the ins and outs of websites. I started off without much interest in building anything technical. I have never felt I had to do anything from scratch to participate. I already had a domain name and after joining the chat I was able to quickly start talking with some interesting people about websites.

Since joining over a year ago, the IndieWeb community has been an invaluable source of support. I ask questions about websites, share what I am working on, and try to help other people with their personal sites.

I'd encourage anyone who is interested in having their own website or who has a website to join IndieWeb or at least join our chat for a day or two and say hello. We're a friendly bunch and there's something for everyone, from engineers who want to take control over their data through coding, all the way to people who have never owned a site and are looking to take their first steps.

I'm capjamesg in the chat. Say hello!

And so I felt a whole lot more welcomed!

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