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July 3-10, 2020

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I just released a new version of the Elixir library for IndieWeb higher level functions (resolving endpoints, sending Webmentions, getting a specific item from MF2, etc). It’s at 0.0.46. Thanks to for all of his work on the Microformats2 library, of which this library is based on!
This is my first post
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This is my entry for the quiet hour during the homebrew website club meetup this week. I’ve come across some interesting posts and wrote some thoughts I’d like to share with people. Neil Mather indirectly wrote a post about the “feudal” Internet that we live in and it definitely is going in my bookmark list of things to reflect and ground me when working on the Web. There’s early consensus around defining content warnings for the IndieWeb with Koype Publish being a potential ...
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So I mentioned the idea of making my homepage more dynamic. I don’t want it to be too difficult to do though. I have a concept of theming on my site. Since I can completely control the theme, this makes for a very interesting situation where, by leveraging Microformats JSON, I can dynamically render things on a page. For example, in this screenshot of my future site, I can have each section be determined by a property of a larger h-entry. The main text could be the e-summary, the headline ...
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Nothing I disagree with in this one. I wish I could convince more people of this.
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Simple Location 4.1.5 Released
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Getting Started with WordPress is a session at IndieWebCamp Pop-ups 2020.

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spaced repetition

Spaced repetition is a functionality often provided by apps and websites using a flashcard-based UI and used for improving one's memory.

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YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a music streaming service from Google that replaces Google Play Music.

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Readwise is a paid web app/service that allows one to sync highlights from various web and digital sources and review them (using spaced repetition) via an app or daily email.

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