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Bridging the Open Web and APIs: Alternative Social Media Alongside the Corporate Web.
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Introducing a Go command-line tool for interacting with Micropub servers
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Your Website is Useless
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SEO Traffic Increases for IndieWeb Reads, Watches, Listens, and other Bookmarked Content
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Shock is what Jacky Alciné uses to combine his use of Micropub and Webmention services.

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most people

most people is a “weasel word” phrase (also some people or a lot of people) that attempts to make a point by appealing to an abstract authority and sometimes statements with it are a softer version of the mass adoption antipattern; instead of worrying about “most people”, focus on making what you need and using it.

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A zettelkasten is note taking system featuring atomic notes which are densely interlinked and are used primarily for writing and acting as an external memory.

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Rust is a system programming language by Mozilla.

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blog post

blog post is a top level post (not a response) on your own site.

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Resonate is a co-op music streaming service with a “stream-to-own” pricing model

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