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November 4-11, 2022

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New IndieAuth Client PHP Release
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A photo stream for my site
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blue checkmark

A blue checkmark is used on some sites to indicate a verified user account, and other sites as an indicator that the user paid a one time or subscription fee.

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Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue was a Twitter paid subscription service that offered more features, as of early 2022 November a blue verified checkmark, and was suspended days later due to impersonation concerns.

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IndieAuth Rocks

IndieAuth Rocks is an in-progress open source validator with a test suite to test your IndieAuth client and server implementations, for now use and work through the IndieAuth tests there.

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Drupal ActivityPub plugin

Drupal ActivityPub plugin is

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Homebrew Website Club - Pacific was an IndieWeb meetup on Zoom held on 2022-11-09.

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u-follow-of is an unofficially proposed microformats2 property for linking to a site or profile being followed in a follow post, inside an h-entry, published by a few IndieWeb sites, and handled by Bridgy Fed.

Created by [tantek]1 on Sunday

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