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September 29 through October 6, 2023

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Data Transfer Initiative is hosting a casual happy hour in San Francisco. The whole team is here (all three of us!) to work together on data portability, and we’d love to catch up with you. We’re aiming to get there around 4pm to hold down some good tables, and should be there til probably 7 or so. Come hang out for a bit if you can and grab a drink! See if you thought the title had a typo.

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The fourth IndieWebCamp in Nuremberg, is planned for October 28 and 29, after border:none on October 26 and 27.

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IndieWeb Carnival October 2023 - Self Care and Routine
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notification fatigue

notification fatigue is (AKA notification overload or sometimes alarm fatigue) a form of information overload, when a person receives so many push notifications that they become overwhelming, often interrupting actual work & priorities so much that people start ignoring notifications; using a social reader and an IndieWeb site instead of silos is one way to reduce notifications and avoid fatigue.

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countdown is (AKA timer) is like an event post, often inside a story like on Instagram, that has an end datetime, displays the number of days hours minutes seconds remaining, sometimes allowing viewers of the post to “Remind me” when the countdown finishes and receive a push notification accordingly; an IndieWeb countdown post could remind the author via push notification or potentially any reader who opts-in via Webmention.

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protocol relative URL

A protocol relative URL (AKA PRURL) is a URL on a page (hyperlink, image source or similar) that starts with "//" and re-uses the protocol of the page itself, typically re-using http: or https: from how the page was loaded, which used to be a common web development practice and is now generally discouraged for various performance and security reasons.

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SSO is an abbreviation for single sign-on, the ability to use one sign-in or login identity across multiple sites, and sometimes the ability to literally sign-in only once on one site and automatically be signed-in on other sites, like the way IndieAuth empowers you to use your own domain to sign-in to this wiki, which also signs you into the IndieWeb events site.

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next week

next week is sometimes a reference to the next (upcoming) edition of the This Week in the IndieWeb newsletter, in contrast to this week, or perhaps you are looking for upcoming IndieWeb events for the next calendar week.

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Build a Website in an Hour: 2023-09-30

Homebrew Website Club Europe/London: 2023-10-04

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