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A tip is a small amount of money given to a person to show appreciation for a service they have provided; on the IndieWeb, a site can have a tip page for others to show appreciation for it, and for individuals to have a simple URL to share for others to tip them, like for technical help provided without an explicit payment request.

For an alternate definition of tip in the sense of a recommendation, please see that page.


You should have a tip page on your site so that:

  • You can link to it from your home page so those that enjoy your posts can tip you.
  • You can link to it from private email responses you give to folks asking for technical support.

How to


Create a simple tip page at /tip on your domain, and even better, allow a nested amount which prefills / preselects a tip amount, while perhaps providing alternatives. See pay for similar patterns.

IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki has had a "tip jar" on his website since 2017-03-08. The page has three suggested amounts (coffee, a drink, dinner), and a field to enter a custom amount. Choosing an amount then updates the Square, PayPal and credit card buttons to pre-fill that amount when clicked.

Jason Park

Clicking the PayPal icon on http://jasonpark.me opens a window where you can donate a few pre-selected amounts.

Peter Molnar

The tip links are added on build time statically, with a message depending on the category of the post. For now, it's a pre-filled value of 3GBP, using either PayPal or Monzo (UK only). No JS included.

Artur Paikin

Artur Paikin has a "thanks" page which links to several ways to "say thanks by sending me a little money"



As of 2018-02-01, Tantek Γ‡elik has a "Tip" page linked from his home page (tantek.com) using a πŸ‘ with a default of $1 already filled in, similar to his pay page. "Tip" seemed to make more sense in wording and in URL as a link from the home page.


As of 2022-01-21, capjamesg has a tip page on his site available at https://jamesg.blog/tip/. The tip page is not linked anywhere on the site. It was made with the idea that having a dedicated tip page may make social payments easier (i.e. James can say, "you can pay me for the coffee at jamesg.blog/tip/"), although anyone can send a tip.

Other Examples

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