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Twin pages are cross-linked web pages seen in some digital gardens and personal wikis which point to similarly titled or directly related content on other sites. Often they're displayed as lists with links to other sites at the bottom of a page or in a footer much like comments sections, webmentions, lists of what links to this page/bi-directional links, or see also sections.

IndieWeb Examples

  • Anagora While not a traditional wiki, but really more of a federated wiki, Anagora aggregates and displays twin pages from multiple sites as a discovery or search related feature. As a result searching for a topic will show twin or related pages from the multitude of sites that Anagora crawls or has access to.


A discovery based service might aggregate and allow search of twin pages for users to cross-reference their own knowledge with that of others. Individual site owners can quickly see what their friends, colleagues, or others have written on a particular topic.

If one has a list of sister sites, upon publishing a new wiki page, one could send webmentions/notifications to the other sites' related pages as a means of notification, updating, and/or display.

Twin Pages

While the IndieWeb wiki doesn't have explicit twin pages functionality, the list below is manually generated to provide an additional example of the idea of twin pages.

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