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water is a common drink with variants like sparkling or flavored like coconut, and though rarely posted on the indieweb, there are smart water bottles (like Hidrate Spark) that will track your water drinking automatically and then sync to a fitness silo.

IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki has posted water drink posts since 2013-11-02, for everything except plain water:

Silo Examples

Hidrate Spark

Hidrate Spark (@hidratespark) water bottles sync over bluetooth with a mobile app which tracks your water drinking automatically and can further sync to several fitness silos.


  • 2016-11-04 sensors and sensibility: Hidrate Spark smart bottle review

    Taking dangerous steps into the land of We Put a Chip In It, I backed and just received the Hidrate Spark - a "smart" water bottle that tracks how much you're drinking.

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