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IndieWebCamp NYC 2017 Planning for keeping track of all things for organizers and volunteers to make IndieWebCamp NYC 2017 an awesome time for all!


To Do

In parallel:

  • Get sponsors for breakfast, coffee, meals
  • Confirm necessary supplies for session grid, remote participation

Leaders Meetup

Emma Hodge is looking into small conf room space for an in-person half-day IndieWeb Leaders Meetup (similar to 2017/Leaders) on Friday September 29 ~09:00-12:00 EDT.

Interested? in-person and/or virtual?

Wiki Pages


  • ... sponsors for:
  • Saturday breakfast:
  • Saturday coffee: Mozilla ( Tantek Çelik)
  • Saturday lunch: This Week in the IndieWeb Podcast ( Marty McGuire)
  • Sunday breakfast:
  • Sunday coffee:
  • Sunday lunch:


  • ... video broadcast, - Need to know how many rooms.
    • Likely ~3 rooms, one big one, two smaller ones similar to what we had at 2016/NYC2



  • Are there enough extension cords / power strips for everyone sitting at the tables to plugin in their laptops?


  • Does the facility have extension cords, surge protectors, and a screen for presentations in the event space(s)?

There are extensions cords and a screen for presentations.

  • What are the number of rooms available simultaneously, capacity, and facilities in the event we break into groups?

The office is an open floor plan layout. There are two large rooms available for breakouts (can seat 6 - 8 people), three smaller conference rooms (can seat 4-5 people) and a space with couches and circular tables that would work well to facilitate breakout discussions.

  • Do we have Large (4x6 or bigger) sticky notes?

Not in the office

Other questions:

  • ...


Let's reach out to folks in NYC who we know are interested in the indieweb and indieweb principles

Previous participants and organizers! (add more from 2016/NYC2, 2016/NYC, 2014/Guest_List#East, 2014/NYC)

Add outreach suggestions here (and your name if you have had contact with them in the past), alphabetical by name:

Reached out:

  • ...

Initial Planning

This is an archive of the initial planning for IndieWebCamp NYC 2017, originally found here.



  • Venue: Dalberg, Manhattan (same place as 2016/NYC) on dates Emma Hodge can make it happen
  • Dates: 2017-09-30 and 2017-10-01 (venue confirmed, most positive / non-negative, host can make it)
    • Looking into 2017-09-29 morning mini Leaders meetup

Can help co-organize (in particular an IndieWebCamp Brooklyn in 2017)

Interested in organizing:

Interested in participating!

Previous Date Discussion:

Possible/preferred months: September or October

Previously: 2016/NYC, 2016/NYC2

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