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How to join the IndieWeb IIW Session

Notes taken mostly remotely by ben.thatmustbe.me & Tantek Çelik, with some taken in-person by Aaron Parecki at IIW on 2014-05-06 on https://etherpad.mozilla.org/iiw - archived here.

Word document (per IIW convention): copy paste this into a Terminal window:

  • echo "http://indiewebcamp.com/2014-05-06-iiw-join-indieweb" | textutil -stdin -output iiw-2014-05-06-how-to-join-indieweb.rtf -convert rtf

Kevin Marks talking about How to join the IndieWeb

Kevin is starting with a short 5 minute intro to the IndieWeb to get those that missed earlier sessions caught up.

Describes the basics of IndieAuth but defers to the later session on the subject.

Brief description of POSSE.

Directing people to getting started link.

Audience is hosting their own sites in a number of places (in their basement, on a hosted server, etc)

Q: Just as a general user, I don't have a static IP, does it make sense for me to run this at home if I really want to own it?

A: What you really OWN is the URL, hosting can be anywhere, but it is the URL that is what verifies you.

Q: If I have an IndieBox can I run this?

A: You would need some sort of dynamic DNS, but that is an implementation detail.

  • cannot hear clearly, but there are a number of questions between audience specifically around IndieBox (Sounds like Johannes is there fielding questions)*

If you are on your own domain, you are on the same level as silo's not underneath them. You can still go down, but you are able to back that all up yourself.

This isn't the app for everyone. We realize this. Only now are getting to points where there are bits of this that can be made easy for the people who aren't hackers.

The point is to have a lot of different implementations. Most attempts to replace sites like Facebook have always just made the assumption that they are a monolith as well. The point is to go back to the open standards and interoperability of the early web.

j12t: bridgy was kind of magical, I set it up on my site and forgot about it, then found a bunch of comments from people and realized they were from Facebook!

"I just logged into the wiki already, and it pointed out a few helpful problems with my rel-me links, so that's great!" (Steve Williams, sbw.org)

aaronpk: Step 1 try to sign-into the wiki

you need to add rel=me to the link to your other profiles, e.g. Twitter, Github

"speaking of Salmon - hahaha" (Kaliya)

Kaliya introduced Gabriel Scheer

"what's your domain name?" "futureoffish.org" "no, yours" "mine? gabrielscheer.com, but it hasn't been updated in months"

Why not about.me?

  • the URL is http://about.me/kevinmarks
  • they decided they don't want visible links, by that I mean links that are hidden to anything except a browser with javascript
  • if you try to fetch about.me/kevinmarks with curl you get HTTP 418 error

Note: people that were able to sign into the wiki from IIW for the first time! (times are likely UTC, thus 7 hours later than PDT would indicate)

  • Sbw.org (Created on 2014-05-06 at 21:21:43)
  • Scottylogan.com (Created on 2014-05-06 at 21:51:25)
  • Aheadrobot.com (Created on 2014-05-06 at 22:04:42)

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