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Session Notes

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Current readers



digg reader



Big divide in the original readers

  • is it an inbox where you have to read every item
  • or more like a stream that lets you dip in and out
  • a hybrid

What do we want an Indie reader to do?

  • read feeds - rss/atom, h-feed, twitter/fb/silos
  • inbox/stream
  • actions: share/reply/repost/upvote/fave/bookmark/rsvp
  • works on a phone
  • hide/block/mark as spam
  • mark as read
  • grouping (shane posted this photo on x, y, z rather than as separate items)
  • volume control per feed - filters
  • mailbox rules
  • full content in the reader



Reading feeds: RSS/Atom/Microformats Actions: Reply Mobile-friendly

Micropub replies (inline replying from the reader to your own site) Run as a hosted service Target VM/servers for operations LAMP stack

Questions / Features

Where does the list of subscriptions live?

  • OPML file hosted on your website
  • Microformats2 version of OPML
  • can be updated outside of this reader app and used by other readers

Mailbox rules to create a public curated list of links like http://news.indiewebcamp.com/

Re-using views?

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