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Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki


Aaron Parecki is the co-founder of IndieWebCamp

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sms: 503-567-8642



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indieweb support

See p3k


  • 2012-12 began receiving Pingbacks using (called at the time)
  • 2013-05-26 added webmention support
    • using a built-in webmention endpoint
    • recognizes mentions, replies and likes via h-entry markup
    • sending webmentions automatically for new posts
  • 2013-06-23 began displaying count of received comments/likes/mentions on posts

working on


I'm working on building the following building blocks of the Indie Web

personal website

I'm building indieweb functionality into my personal site, p3k at

indieweb community

I build and maintain several things used by the IndieWeb community.

to do

Below is my todo list for the IndieWeb community tools:

  • Install auth plugin on to use logged-in cookie to set username
  • Install Calagator at replaced with Meetable
  • Update
    • should know about logged-in users to automatically set the nickname when joining the web chat
    • show notifications (red dot in channel name, and/or browser notifications) when your nick is mentioned
    • show messages left via a !tell
  • update 2018/Baltimore event pages to consolidate schedule/info as discussed after IWC Austin
    • is canonical event page, wiki has schedule grid and detailed event info, tito registrations embedded on 2018 page

figured out

Things I feel like I've figured out pretty well, have shipped on my own site, can depend on, and am available to help explain to others.


Below are some general itches that are before the stage of turning into action items for p3k or other projects. For a more immediate list of things that will end up in my site soon, see: p3k#Itching

IndieWeb Summit Itches

Only 2 weeks til indieweb summit! what feature should I try to finish before then?

In increasing order of difficulty

  • finish my fake microsub server that returns sample/test data so that reader app creators have sample content to build and test against
  • βœ”οΈ add a feature to monocle so you can preview what your feed looks like in a reader
  • finish creating the list of "test identities" for
  • fetch private feeds in Aperture


  • Realtime updates from Aperture
    • Many microsub clients would benefit from being able to get realtime updates from the microsub server. Need to figure out an API that makes sense for a wide variety of clients, such as mobile apps, constrained devices, etc.
  • Issues
    • I sometimes use GitHub issues for projects where there isn't even any code in the repo. I'd like to replace this with a self-hosted version of an issue tracker, that functions much like GitHub issues.
    • Should be able to have other people create and comment on issues via Webmention, as well as log in to the site using IndieAuth to comment in the case they can't post a Webmention comment.
  • Events - a community event calendar and/or aggregator.
    • These are kind of two separate things, but related. Calagator is an example of this hybrid approach.
    • I plan to use this to run the event listing on
  • Shoebox - a photo/media server, used as a Media Endpoint and to replace my use of Flickr, and Soundcloud
  • Slides / Presentations
    • I've been posting slide decks on Speakerdeck because it imports PDFs well and provides a nice interface
    • I do host some HTML slides on a subdomain but it could use an improved navigation system
    • My presentation posts could use some improvement to better feature the slides and videos and session descriptions, and I also need an easier way to post those since I didn't post any in 2018 for some reason
  • Kits
    • I recently discovered which has a great UI and is a great way to display that content, but I'd really like to have these on my own site as well.
    • provides discoverability, so I may want to POSSE or PESOS the data
  • private groups - wanting to communicate privately with some group of people. Since 2014 I have been finding private/secret Facebook groups very useful for certain things. How does this translate onto our individual sites?
  • Mention App
  • Kirby login app (needs a new name)
  • archive to wayback machine
    • some time after publishing posts on my site, send a ping to the wayback machine to trigger archiving it
  • Hosting my own conference videos that are currently only hosted on YouTube (
  • publish some sort of indicator of activity on private (and public) git repos, so that my day permalinks where I am inside working all day don't look so empty [1]
  • Getting more data out of Apple Health
  • Venues
    • Venues should get their own URLs on my site so I can see all checkins I've posted at a venue
    • Tie my checkins to local venues
    • Create "lists" of venues, with tips specific to the entry in the list (example)
    • Show lists grouped by city, like Foursquare
    • Allow people to subscribe to notifications of my checkins at either particular regions of a map, or particular venues (e.g. let me know when you get to this area during the bar crawl)
  • gopher server for IndieNews as a follow-up to

projects that need to be renamed

I've had a bad habit of naming projects after the spec they implement. It has become apparent that this has caused more confusion than it has benefits. The worst case of this is, since it conflates the spec with the service that I run.

session ideas

Brighton 2019

private posts

Some brainstorming on private posts:

  • I want to let people log in to my site, and then they can see things that are not posted publicly.
  • Should additional posts appear on my home page once someone is signed in?
  • Should there be a separate feed of posts that are visible only to the person who is signed in?
  • I want to make some posts visible to groups of people, but might not want them to know which group they're in.
  • Need some way to visually indicate that a post is not public, so that people know they should not share it as they would a public post. (screenshot or otherwise)
  • Some posts I want to show the context they are posted in (e.g. POSSEing photos of my cat in the #animals channel in the XOXO Slack), but this applies also to public posts

related talks


A list of all the IndieWebCamps I've attended


The notes below are archives from this page after having launched the feature.



I have been using Foursquare consistently for a number of years now, and it is the authoritative source of every venue I've been. I know that if I have never checked in somewhere before on Foursquare, I actually have never been there before.

While my Foursquare feed is currently public, I'm reconsidering whether I want my indie checkins feed to be completely public. I may end up being more selective about the checkins I make public instead, and keep my full checkin history private.

Examples of public checkins often include a short note from me along with the venue for things like checking in to a venue for a public event, or checking in somewhere to say I'm going to be hacking there for a while inviting people to join me. When I check in to lunch two blocks away from my office, it's not that I don't want anyone to know I'm there, it's just that probably nobody cares and there usually isn't anything actionable that would come from them knowing anyway. Usually I'm getting something to go and don't have time to stay and talk anyway.


Foursquare provides:

  • a push API so I can pesos checkins to my site in real time
  • lots of my friends still use it
  • the app still provides fun tidbits when I check in, like "you've been here 5 weeks in a row", etc
  • searching for venues is difficult to implement from scratch, and I'm not entirely happy with the OSM data, so using foursquare venues continues to be highest quality

Really getting annoyed that when Foursquare venues are renamed, merged or deleted, my own history is changed.

  • Figure out how to represent a "checkin" on my own site (see Creating content on the Indie Web for more thoughts)
  • Figure out how to store venues on my site (venue IDs, nice slugs, ???)
  • Build a basic interface for viewing "checkin" data
  • Syndicate out to Foursquare and possibly Facebook (although Facebook recently deprecated checkins in favor of attaching venues to notes)
  • Repurpose the Checkie app to search my site for venues and post checkins to my site first
  • Download all Foursquare history and create checkins on my site retroactively


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