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Indie Messaging Indiewebcamp 2015 Cambridge



Ben Roberts is aggregating IRC back onto his own site as a start

direct messag to ben_thawr on IRC logs to my site

Firefox Hello and other systems already exist to handle direct video in the browser but not really for texting

/contact pages could contain a form to send a message directly to the person on whatever method they prefer at that moment

indication of when messages have been received: BBM - the original "better than SMS"

  • showed sent/received/read status of every message sent

E.g. Facebook messenger shows various message sending/sent/received states

  • sending to server: spinning ?
  • failed to reach server: red exclamation point
  • server received: small empty circle
  • device received: small empty circle with a dot inside - receiver's device has the message
  • has been read: small circle replaced completely by small disc of receiver's icon

iMessage / Messages

  • sending to server. progress bar
  • failed to reach server: red exclamation point
  • device received. "Delivered"
  • has been read: "Read" (can be disabled by receiver)

AIM (oscar protocol)

  • showed when a user was typing if they had this option set
  • pidgin (libpurple) plugin for "Psychic mode" showed when a message box was opened to you before even receiving a message